Services and Specials

Angel’s Groundcover, Inc. has been supplying beautiful ground cover for landscapes for over 20 years. From the small, side yards and beds, to the larger custom project, our team of skilled gardeners will make your landscape come to life, beautifying your yard.

Easy to grow, low-maintenance ground cover plants provide beauty and lushness to your landscape while encouraging moisture retention, preventing soil erosion and controlling weed growth. Choosing the best ground cover plant for your landscape is easy with our large selection!

We can help you with…
  • Installation
  • Supplying
  • Removing
  • Maintenance

We install, maintain and remove Pachysandra. We can recommend areas that may be the best location for our ground cover so it will flourish in your yard. Groundcovers can be used in a variety of locations and have a wide range of uses.We maintain your pachysandra in the spring and summer.

Recycle Program

Recycle your empty old flats and we will pay you cash for them. In the summer time we trim off your well established Pachysandra ( at least 400 square feet) and will give you cash, or you can exchange it for labor or more plants. Call for details.

Call for Pricing

Nurseries, Garden Centers and wholesalers in general inquire for our wholesale prices.

Prices are based on minimum of 100 flats.

Special Discounts on larger quantities.

Price subject to change without notice.

All our prices are C.O.D NO EXCEPTIONS. F.O.B Cortland Manor NY 10567.

Call Angel’s Groundcovers Inc. at 914-788-0384

Some tips about our favorite ground cover…

  • Pachysandra is a leafy plant somewhat similar in appearance to ivy. Commonly referred to as "green carpet," this plant is used as a ground cover.
  • Though pachysandra isn't terribly picky about where it grows, it prefers rich, fertile soil. Unlike other plants, pachysandra ground cover does not mind competing for its nutrients, and growing pachysandra plants is easy if you have an abundance of shade in your landscape.
  • In early spring, you should prune your pachysandra to encourage healthy, new growth.
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