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Pachysandra - A Favorite Ground Cover…

Where there's shade, pachysandra is the perfect choice for an attractive, durable groundcover. It’s thick, lush and green, and does not need mowing. Its evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage is arranged in whorls of leafy texture and, in spring, short spikes of fragrant white or pinkish flowers bloom. Pachysandra thrives in most locations except where soil is dry, primarily in zones 4-7.

More Facts and Research about Pachysandra
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Some tips about our favorite ground cover…

  • Certain species are deer-resistant.
  • Pachysandra is a leafy plant somewhat similar in appearance to ivy. Commonly referred to as "green carpet," this plant is used as a ground cover.
  • Many gardeners love pachysandra because it will thrive in areas where most other plants won't and can even grow in full shade or areas crowded with tree roots.Used under large trees, backs of buildings or other areas too shady for grass to grow
  • Grows to a height of up to 12 inches, creating a flat top effect. Pachysandra is one of the most common ground covers used in zones 4 and above. Each plant will spread indefinitely, although it is not considered invasive.
  • Though pachysandra isn't terribly picky about where it grows, it prefers rich, fertile soil. Unlike other plants, pachysandra ground cover does not mind competing for its nutrients, and growing pachysandra plants is easy if you have an abundance of shade in your landscape.
  • The best way to grow pachysandra is to purchase it in pre-grown flats. Pachysandra is easily transplanted from garden flats or divisions in the spring. These contain half a dozen or more small pachysandra plants which will spread over time.

At Angel’s Groundcovers, Inc. we specialize in growing pachysandra, Myrtle and English ivy and we are constantly striving to raise and ship only the best quality plants, true to name.

Our goal is to cultivate and grow the best pachysandra taking special care so our plants grow rich and hardy with a very glossy, deep green color. Our land offers a vast tree canopy, offering shade where pachysandra thrives. We can provide our customers with different size pieces for the space(s) you need to cover, cut and installed to your specs.

The result, a wonderful evergreen groundcover for shady sites. Since it's grown and shipped directly from our property, you know you are receiving on the best quality plants.

Here is our process:
1. Soil delivered for flats.
2. Stacking and preparing the flats
3. Watering and preparing soil.
4. Transport flats to staff that plants the pachysandra.
5. Pachysandra is grown and tended to on our own property.

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We are always looking for places to harvest pachysandra in the summer time on Westchester and Greenwich area grounds that meet our location and growing standards (minimum of 500 sq. ft.) and will compensate you with payment, labor, or new plants.

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