Why Angel’s Groundcovers, Inc.

At Angel’s Groundcovers, Inc. we grow our plants on our own home yards. We observe and properly care for our selection of plants until they are hand selected just for you. At Angel’s Groundcovers, Inc. we are always striving to offer the best quality plant material and customer service possible.

We stand behind our products and warranty them to grow and thrive. Satisfaction guaranteed!!

Angel’s Groundcovers, Inc. has been supplying beautiful ground cover for landscapes for over 20 years. From the small, side yards and beds, to the larger custom project, our team of skilled gardeners will make your landscape come to life, beautifying your yard.

We can help you with...
  • Installation
  • Supplying
  • Removing
  • Maintenance

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Some tips about our favorite ground cover…

  • Many gardeners love pachysandra because it will thrive in areas where most other plants won't and can even grow in full shade or areas crowded with tree roots.Used under large trees, backs of buildings or other areas too shady for grass to grow.
  • Grows to a height of up to 12 inches, creating a flat top effect. Pachysandra is one of the most common ground covers used in zones 4 and above. Each plant will spread indefinitely, although it is not considered invasive.
  • The best way to grow pachysandra is to purchase it in pre-grown flats. Pachysandra is easily transplanted from garden flats or divisions in the spring. These contain half a dozen or more small pachysandra plants which will spread over time.
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